Need some info on locals in middle and western Tennessee

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by dannyboy, Nov 6, 2003.

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    I heard that 804 also covers some of the middle part of tennessee.

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    Not true dannyboy. Local 804 covers 7,500 workers in the New York area only.
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    Does that mean yes you are represented by 804?

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    Nope, that means Mac was making a joke. 804 us exclusively NYC. This was Carey's old local.
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    Very good badhab.Carey was also a driver and a shop steward for this local.Danny, I didnt get wk`s joke either.Way back when, Ron had a voice activated recorder when he was representing his members in the office.He actually had the manager making threats on tape.That is actually how Ron got big in the local very very fast.
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    Whats the hourly pay for a union carpetbagger?
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    What prison is Carey in now??????
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    Hey Nevada,
    Can you say N-O-T G-U-I-L-T-Y ?
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    14 Oct 2001

    Today a jury in New York of 12 men and women unanimously found Ron Carey innocent of all charges. Carey was on trial as a result of a money swap deal engineered by his 1996 campaign manager and consultants. He was not charged with taking part in the plot, but rather with lying about what he knew about it.

    His chief accuser was his former campaign manager Jere Nash, who cut a deal with the Feds to testify against Carey. Although he pled guilty nearly four years ago, he still has not served one day in prison. In open court Nash was exposed as someone who exploited Carey and the Carey campaign for his own gain.

    And Ron Carey was found innocent, after a day and a half of deliberation. This is a good day for the Teamsters and for the labor movement. Whatever mistakes Carey made, including allowing unsavory consultants into his campaign - consultants who betrayed Carey and reform - his legacy is one of reform, power and hope for Teamsters.
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    Carey was one of hundreds that got connected with the Clintons that ended up falling on their swords, he just happened not to die of it.

    Still need to know about what locals are in the middle of the state, around Knoxville and Whites Creek.

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    dannyboy and local804,

    Carpetbagger term explained.

    It was a joke hence the jester's avitar pasted along side.

    BTW badhab: Meadow man is 80 days and counting until he joins you in your current pursuit of...of...of...well whatever it is you do![​IMG]

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    Mac, you have to know your audience.
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    The local for that area of Tennessee is either 515 or 549 but not sure which. Local 515 is located in Chattanooga and #549 is in Blountsville. Sorry couldn't more exact.
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    Hey Badhab, I guess up North they don't teach "REAL" history![​IMG]

    That was a joke too fellas!
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    I found out it is locals 480 and 519 that represent the bulk of the state.

    We are in local 22 here and under a totally different suppliment.

    Thanks all for the help anyway.