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Hello UPSers. I am a former UPSER, 1985-95, who started in college as a preloader, after 5 years of that a pt sup, after 4 years of that, ft sup for 1 year. In 1995, I accepted the VSB (Voluntary Supplemental Buyout) as a member of management. My question(s) is/are:
Have you ever seen management re-hired? If so, some specifics.
Could I be re-hired as loader/unloader again? Need the benefits.
Anyone know anyone in St Louis to talk to?
Anything, I mean anything will help. I took the buyout for a number of reasons. I have seen over the years the changes in policies, just hopeful that they can bend (yeah, right) the hiring policy. I have a few things in the hopper now, but I have this nagging feeling that UPS is the place I truely want to be. I still bleed brown. Thanks for any help, and thanks for the comments I know I will get telling me to stear clear. Anything might help.:helpsmili

Uncle Rico

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Hello again, I registered yesterday only to realiz that my username is very similar to a veteran member, so I contacted the adminstrator and successfully changed my username. I only have one username and it is Uncle Rico. Still looking for any information. Just wanted to clarify myself. No subversiveness going on here, I realized that my original username "Been there, done that" is very close to a veteran poster who seems to know a lot about UPS. So to "beentheredonethat" you are your own member now and I hope I didn't confuse anyone. Thanks, Uncle Rico


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Uccle Rico,

Did you post as "fedups" on Teamsternet? That poster worked at both companies and had some interesting insights.

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Yes, that's me. I didn't think it was appropriate to be talking about fedex on a Teamster website. My experiences at both companies are totally different. I voluntarily cut short a career, or so I had hoped, with UPS. My time at Fedex was supposed to be a short term gig but when we started a family, the flexibility and my work hours there gave us the opportunity to actually be around for our kids more than if we were both 9-5. I got stuck in the fedex trap like so many pt sups do at ups. It's a decent job but you know you really want to be doing something else. Fedex terminating me was a blessing in disguise. I have the opportunity to start a new career, as opposed to just having a job at fedex, and I need any info about ups so I can pursue that first. If it's going to be a waste of time, I'll move on rather quickly to other opportunities.


Uncle Rico, make sure that you consider all options and don't go blindly into acquiring a position with UPS. You may have your heart set on working for UPS again, but the company, internally, has changed dramatically since you left in 1995. Out of curiosity, how did you qualify for VSB with only 10 years of service and 9 of those as part time? In the district that I was in at the time, there were minimum years of service and age requirements?


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Uncle Rico, could you (or someone else who knows) explain to me what the VSB was?

The rehire policy has changed, they will rehire someone with "careful consideration." Compared to the old rehire policy this is a drastic change. If you really want to try to work here again, go ahead and try...

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Voluntary Supplemental Buyout, 1995
Anyone in management could leave, be bought out, because company realized they were too fat in management. Plus, although I wasn't full-time long enough to get stock, I think they were trying to get these older dudes to take the money and run. When I became ft,Sept '94, I had to go to an orientation with 25 other new ft sups. I know of 18 that left. So much for pushing out the old farts and letting the younger sups have an impact. We all left. Hindsight is 20/20, but I got impatient and wanted to pay off college loans, get married, etc. Rumors were running rampant also and not one division manager that I tried to talk to gave me any reason to stay. They probably got a big bonus for all the people under them that left.

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If you left in 95 you wouldn't even recognize what this company has become. But, I can tell you it's not pretty. My advice; look elsewhere.