Need to intercept pkg in transit. Help!

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    I'm hoping someone here can help us retrieve a package that was shipped Friday from NH to VA. It contains samples for a US Military Bid. On Saturday an amendment came out and now we need to change the samples. The due date was extended one week but there won't be time unless we intercept the package.

    It was in Shrewsbury MA on Saturday. Any ideas?
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    That delivery intercept really works. I am at someones business ready to deliver the package and "boom!" on the DIAD board comes "Intercept" and I take the package back to the center. I think the service costs $10. Hope you get your package back in time. Good luck.
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    The message says it's ineligible for intercept. What do I do now? Why would it be ineligible? Can you not intercept ground packages?
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    Does someone edit quick replies? I'm not sure why my replies aren't showing up. Is it really a quick reply if it has to wait for a human to check it out. This is not Don Imus. My language is rated for Sunday School, but I'm rather in a panic to intercept this package.
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    If the package was in Shrewsbury on Sat, then it is already on its way to Virginia. You can try a Delivery Intercept but it is unlikely that the package will be returned to you in time for you to send it back if you are cutting the deadline close. If you sent it out on Fri, its scheduled delivery date should be Tues. I suggest you send out the new samples now (if that is possible) and also do a delivery intercept on the package already sent so it will not be delivered.
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    You might try putting in a call to UPS saying you want the package returned to sender; the manager should be able to contact the driver and tell him to RTS the package. He will need to know the tracking number. I did this a few times when I was driving. A large defense contractor might have a lot of bids coming in, but it is worth a shot.
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    Call the 1-800 number then. They may be able to pull the package on Tuesday.
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    Anyone know why a package would be ineligible for intercept? Only reason I know would be if it was already delivered.
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    Well i would have intercepted the package for don imus, since your not him, theres a fedex for that.