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    Well I am in a dolima and cant make a decsiocion. So I figured where else better to ask then you guys again.

    I asked you guys about OTR's in UPS and know you have to go up the ladder to become one. well, I am thinking about applying for a Fedex Express opening as a Corrioer(spl?). pay is $15-$17 from what my brother says. I have been with UPS for almost a year as a package handler. There will be a bidlist up before the December holidays for package drivers.

    I want to hold to UPS cause i love the atmosphere in the hub its my type...but I am hurting for cash. I guess I could get another part-time job or somthing and work UPS at nite.

    Its that my brother said he is gonna get about $17 hr and work 3pm-9pm plus w/e OT he can rack up. The PH's make about $3 more then I am make right now starting. Also he said they get discounts on flights as well as other stuff. The way he made it sound is he is doing easy work. All he did was unload the metro trucks and thats it. I told him thats nothing compared to what I do(sorter). I dunno, I just wanna do whats best for me. To me its feels as if i'm gonna be waiting 3 years before I can even become a driver. I was told PC drives make $15 start which is what fedex does and I can go striaght to driver right now at fedex.

    Does UPS raise your pay after a year or 2? I am so ready to move a step up in my career, I am getting bored doing nothing during my off hours. I hurt my arm awhuile back so i can only do one shift sorting or I would double shift.

    Basiclly i dont want to leave UPS because i know in the long hual i will be set.

    I dunno, i hate being in this situation...I'm so tempted to goto Fedex but dont want to throw a possibly good oppertunity out the window. If you guys where making onkly $150 a week, 4hrs a day...what would you guys do? I really don't care if I have to work long hours, i've ran 16hr days a few times.

    the fedex interview is thursday so i have until then to convince myself not to go...Iknow that sounds kinda childish but, to me I see a career in fedex as well.

    thanks again any advice would be much apreeciated.
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    Go to FedX, you sound too much like a pansy to work at UPS. :bored:
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    if your that bad in need of money go to fed ex, if not stick with in the same situation except im with UPS, and sticking to it b/c im working 2 1/2 jobs (the 3rd one is only 2 days a week at most but i get like 100+ bux from it for only 12 hrs of work). so what ever floats ur boat
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    I would look for a 2nd job. b/c in Sharonville Ohio, Hub there is a sign up sheet for the loaders to bcome pkg. car drivers. If you need the Benefits of the FT ups employee ( and who doesn't) I would try to stick it out.