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    hey Im new at UPS, I been working like for 3 months. i love my job, im in the union now, but what i dont like is what my supervisor did it to me. he told me that i have to go to another area to help, i was like no problem. next day he put me in other area. next day he took me to another area. he said to help but the other supervisor didnt even know where to put me(truck) because im a loader. is he suppose to do that ? because i like my work area and i know that i have to do plus i love my job.
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    Your one of is not the lowest person on the seniority list you go and do what they tell you.
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    Your supervisor is doing exactly what he's suppose to be doing. As a new hire, you should expect to work a utility role during your early career (sans peak). If it's any consolation, nationwide, most persons with your seniority (three months, or even just several days if you were considered seasonal) are laid off. In my building (very large, hundreds of part-timers), nobody with less than two years seniority is working and everyone with three to five is on-call next week.
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    Work as directed and be glad to be working since your seniority is pretty low. When I was PT I got moved around and pretty much knew how to do just about every job on both sorts (small center) by the time I went FT.
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    Was always told seniority was nothing more than a supervisor being nice. They can tell anyone to do anything within safety rules.
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    What's a "less desirable area"? What are the crime statistics in a "less desirable area" in an UPS hub? A sup seeing me standing there with my arms folded doing nothing and waiting for little work, is going to send my sorry butt to the belt or unload that is getting slammed. That's how a hub works.
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    In my hub, I get sent into a slammed area and help out a fellow worker to get out of the weeds. 99 % of the time I get a thank you from them. It means alot to me. More than a TY from a sup. That's how we roll.
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    Thank you. Dave.
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    They do that all the time. It's called "flexing you out to another belt." If they're shorter-handed than YOUR sup, he has to give up one of his loaders to do whatever the next sup needs. Don't'll eventually settle into a familiar load the same trailers each day etc...while the NEWEST newhires get bounced around!
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