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    So we just had a few guys kept on after seasonal period.

    A few questions. When will these guys seniority date be? The first day worked after seasonal or does it go back to their first day driving?

    also we are hearing since the national passed they will have 4 year progression and not 3?
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    In my case, I was promoted in October, gained seniority the 2nd or 3rd week in Jan, but my seniority date is the day in October. There were some in my class who were street hires whose seniority date was the first day after driving class (ended that Sept. 10th).
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    I vaguely remember them screwing some people at our building with there seniority date. Said it wouldnt affect them so my argument was then why do it. I will call a friend of mine and see why they changed his. I filed on it and lost. Sorry but I believe it was something to do with you couldnt have a seniority date in Jan or something crazy like that. Maybe somebody else will be along shortly and they will know what im trying to describe.
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    If you were hired for Christmas seasonal work and were laid off after December 30th and rehired before may they you keep your seniority date on the first day you started driver school. If after may it will be on the come back date. Also if they were not laid off after December 30th 2012 they get a 3 year progression from the day they first started driver school. They will most likely get a 4 year if they have a seniority date after August 1st 2013 unless they open the master and take that out which we all know that isn't going to happen.
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    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    No these are guys that were kept on after summer seasonal period. So started driving in may and were retained after Labor Day.

    Im curious if the old contract is extended how would someone hired today have 4 year progression? We are still working under the old contract not the new one. Correct?
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    If the get hired back before may of 2014 or never get laid off then they are under the old. After that it's the new.