New Economic Study Finds The Express Delivery Industry A Major Driver Of Trade Growth

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    Improvements in Customs Capabilities Provide Substantial Benefits to Countries

    UPS® (NYSE:UPS), a leading global logistics provider and advocate for global trade, applauds the Global Express Association for commissioning an economic study, "Express Delivery and Trade Facilitation: Impacts on the Global Economy," and the work of Frontier Economics to show the strong correlation between increases in trade and the evolution of express delivery supply chains.

    "The study demonstrates the power of customs modernization in driving trade for developed and developing countries alike, and the role of express delivery providers in facilitating that trade for small, medium and large companies," said Laura Lane, president of UPS Global Public Affairs. "UPS will continue to help all of our customers, no matter their size or global reach, take advantage of export opportunities around the globe, while at the same time helping to drive economic development, market growth and job creation."

    The study also made the following key findings:

    • Despite the global financial crisis, international express delivery volumes have grown on average by 7% over the past five years.
    • Improvements in customs capabilities are strongly linked to enhanced trade flows to and from any given country.
    • Express delivery is an important factor to unlock the benefits of trade brought by customs capability improvements.
    Frontier Economics conducted the study on the basis of data provided by the four members of the GEA. In particular, it looked at GEA's 'Customs Capability Database' - a tool that measures key performance indicators of border management in 140 countries - and cross-referenced it with express shipment volumes in 10,000 country pairs. The full study can be found at: