New Frontiers in Energy

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    Dutch Company Powers Streetlights With Living Plants; Will Your Cell Phone Be Next?
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    So people will pick up an asparagus spear and say , "hello" ??
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    Verizon's new line...

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    That article is from last year. No further updates or was it another one of those impractical pipe dreams?

    Harvesting electricity from plants is no easy feat. Ramaraja Ramasamy, an adjunct professor at the University of Georgia College of Engineering, said that what Plant-e uses is called a “sediment microbial fuel cell.” He cautions readers that this technology is not advanced enough to compete with solar panels and wind turbines, which have been in development for years.

    “It’s not making enough energy to have any reliable commercial product. That doesn’t mean that it will not be. We are too early in the research,” Ramasamy explained. “If I come to you and say, ‘Do you want to power that 100-watt bulb?’ You probably need an acre of land and dirt to get the electricity from. Is that feasible? No.”
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    I remember Mr. Wizard having a potato with wires powering a clock........old stuff!
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    I recall an episode of "Modern Family" where Alex (the nerd) told Haley (the popular one) that she could charge her cellphone battery by rubbing it in her hair.
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    President Obama's top science and technology adviser, John Holdren, said that, by 2050, "cars, trucks, and planes" will be powered by "electricity, biofuels, or hydrogen." Or, more likely, pulled by unicorns.
    ~Fred Thompson~