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    Well, I looked high and low for a section devoted for Introductions / "Newbies" and did not render any results.

    I'm from Tyler, Texas and I'm currently working for a Pharmacy delivering drugs and medical equipment. I enjoy interacting with the customers/patients and I know this city like the back of my hand.

    So, I have considered applying for a job with UPS. I am hoping that perhaps my previous delivery occupation will yield good results in the hiring process. We'll just have to see.

    I'm looking for a company that I can stay with for many years. I'm one of those loyalist people - I buy domestic vehicles, shop at mom and pop stores, etc. I'm also an intense, focused worker. I think in a multiple plane form and my knowledge of all the streets around here enable me to complete my job more efficiently than those I work with.

    Blah blah blah, this sounds more like a Resume. lol.

    Just saying whats up and you'll see me around.. I have a thing for forums.

    Hopefully I will be working with UPS soon so I can have some validity in being here.
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    Welcome to BrownCafe, Boxy!

    (For those of you who don't know, Boxy is our new translator)

    Good luck getting the job, and even if you don't, you're welcome to hang around!
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    Welcome to the BC. There is plenty of friendly faces and great information here, make sure to look around. :happy2:

    Just so you know, even with your driving experience, I would think you would have at least a couple years of waiting (depending on your location) before a driving job would be offered to you because it is based off of company seniority.
  4. Boxy

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    Ahh... What would be your recommendation on a position to apply for?

    And a general idea of starting pay scale if you would not mind.
  5. haydendavid380

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    IMHO you could apply for a p/t position (loading or unloading trucks). If you did that and chose to work in the morning (4am-9am) you could build up seniority, gain benefits, and get an idea of the workings of the company. Pay for my area starts between $8.50 and $10.50 with raises after you gain a few months in.

    If you did this you may be able to keep your current job, while preparing for your next :smart:
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    UPS generally only hires for part time positions loading and unloading trucks. When driver jobs open up or are created then they consider part time workers in seniority order for those positions. Part timers start at 8.50$ an hour and work about 17-25 hours per week at odd hours (AM 3-8, PM 5-10, approx).

    The wait can be years to get a driver job. In my center I know guys who waited almost 10 years to get a driver job. I got on at a good time and waited 2 years. Now the wait is back up to 3-5 years or so. But wait times differ by building. One building might need many drivers while another close by building could be a 10 year wait.
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    Hi Boxy! I am also somewhat new to the BC but in time you will learn to love it!
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    watch out boxy, don't let sexyupsman lure you in, he is a master baiter
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    Boeing, Cessna??

    Wow! I feel really old. Which alphabet generation is this? I have never heard that term before, but I think I know what it means... Essentially multi-tasking on a grand scale. Remapping your next 5 stops to shave a few blocks etc. etc. The most successful UPS drivers I have known have that ability. I think you have a good shot at making it, Boxy, if you can put in the time till a spot opens up. Also, UPS culture is somewhere between The greatest Generation and the Baby Boomers so the culture shock can be formidible to younger employees. Get to know the folks on Brown Cafe and the people in your building when you are hired and I am sure you can be successful.

    Good Luck:happy2:
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    "Well, I looked high and low for a section devoted for Introductions / "Newbies" and did not render any results."

    Hey boxy go to search up top of page

    type in newbies please read

    The guy who wrote that is super cool lol it was me

    check it out i hope you get the job
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    Well I'm probably the best one here to give you an idea of what you can make in your area because I work at the UPS in Longview, TX which as you know is only a very short distance away from Tyler. Although my advice on becoming a driver is sketchy because I'm talking from what I've seen happen in my hub over the course of 2 and a half years.

    You won't be able to get driver right off the bat. You'll be working some part time position either loading/unloading like was mentioned above. I know UPS does not age discriminate but around here if you are late 20's or older you get the 9.50 to start, if you are about 23 or younger you get the 8.50 to start like I did. Also if your on preload you have a better chance of getting driver than the night shift.

    Your hours are only going to average about 20 per week, take home since your just starting about 150-170, I've been at my hub for a couple years and bring home 200-220 a week.

    Benefits now activate when you have one year of work service (Used to be shorter). This includes Medical, Dental, Eye, prescription.

    Two years of service is about the minimum if your around age 21 to start driving. If your older and a good worker you can get it a little after your first year, that's how it is here anyway, I'm not sure about Tyler. When you start driving it's hard because you'll never know what kind of hours your going to get if it's not around the peak times (November-December) and it's difficult because you don't know what kind of paychecks you'll be bringing home.

    As far as union goes, your not required to sign up for it, but if your going for driver it's a good idea. Only the preloaders that have been here for 10 years or more are union, but that's really your choice.

    And of course since I know nothing about your hub, just the area, seniority always rules at UPS when it comes to getting a job. And never try to get a management job. These are all just opinions lol.

    Good Luck!
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    Are you just a jerk? If you have a problem take it up with someone who cares. I was being nice to the kid and you just want to be rude. Get over yourself!
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    Hey great advice from all of you people. I definitely plan on looking into a PT position as most of you guys have advised.
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    O.K. fair enough, that was a friendly greeting to the new kid on the block. HOWEVER, who are you? a Customer or a Driver? I doubt as you previously stated, that your driver sometimes posts under your "tag", especially given the fact that you have expressed , oh how shall I put it?: amorous feelings towards your driver in other posts.

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