New guy interviewed has processing class approaching has a question?

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    Hey everyone my is Brian I'am a student in college.
    i have applied for a part time package handler position a week ago got the interview the next day. during the hr
    interview she asked if i was a student and told me that i would be seasonal and if i worked hard during peak season, because i am a student they could possibly call me after peak season ends for a permanent part time Package Handling position. she asked if i had any felonies which i do not, then looked for an opening during the hours i preferred she said they had a couple openings for the shift and hub I originally set out for. Interviewer then told me exactly what to expect while working, i have prior years of experience picking, packing and shipping, loading etc. she then gave me my drug screen form a paper with the hub names and hours, along with a paper she that scheduled me for a processing class for the following week and gave me a slip of paper with the time of the processing class and it stated i had to have my drug test done by the next day and to bring two forms of ids i brought that day back with me the day of the class. i took and passed my drug screen did my fingerprint scan, filled out my forms for taxes and several other papers and gave consent for the background check. My question is she asked if i had felonies once again which i do not, but she did not ask if i had a misdemeanor which i do from 8 years ago when i was 19 i wrote a bad check i took care of it but it says on my background cold checks 2004 dont write any checks. well this keep them from giving me a position when i show up to my processing class in a couple of days?
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    The misdemeanor should not be an issue.
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    I think you're okay, Upstatenyupser gave the blessing...................still lol....