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    I have a phone interview for a Package Delivery position next Thursday. The position is located in Montana (I live in Oregon). I have never worked at UPS but I do have some delivery experience and just graduated from Oregon State. I'm hoping that my good driving record, degree and work ethic will get me a position. Do you guys have any tips as to what questions I should expect in the phone interview? Also assuming I pass that interview whats the next step and how should I go about excelling in the rest of the recruitment process? Thanks!
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    Moving to Montana soon?
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    I take it your last name isn't, Prefontaine, too bad for you. An interview is an interview, just give them all the info they ask for and you should do well. Are you sure you want to move to another state, for a driving job? What sort of degree do you have?
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    Yeah I have no real problem moving. I have never been to Montana but I know I would like it! My degree was in Consumer Behavior within the Liberal Arts College at OSU.
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    do you get along well with sheep?
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    Realize if you become a driver in Montana you'll be in Montana forever. No transfers at UPS.
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    Keep in mind that you will have a 60 working day (days you actually work, not just 60 calendar days) probationary period. Any accidents will be an automatic disqualification which means you will be terminated. Because you are considered an outside hire, there is no moving you into a part-time position. I would advise staying in one of those extended stay hotels before relocating permanantly. Hate to see someone pay to relocate themselves, only to find out they don't have a job in a couple of weeks.

    Assuming you get hired, you will have to attend a week long class which covers driving, delivery procedures, and the use of the DIAD (the brown thing you sign your name on/handheld scanner/cpu). If you pass the class (most failures are because they cannot drive a stick shift), you begin your 60 working day probationary period.

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    Be honest in the interview....Good luck :peaceful:
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    moving to Montana for a job at ups....LOL

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Montana sounds like a place where stops are far and few between. Have you ever had buffalo burgers?
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    Gonna be a dental floss tycoon.
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    yippie yi yo ty aye!!!!
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    Oh, oh, oh montana give this child a home
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    Denver did writhe the song.
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    How the hell is Montana hiring package car drivers? I could swear they are having layoffs right about now.
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    A quick look on shows there are at least three PC driving jobs open.
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    So you wanna be a package car driver do ya ................ I gotta tip for ya

    'careful what you wish for
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    Got to love probationary periods. We had a pre-loader who has loaded for four years, finally they let him go to driving school and he went through all his courses/classes to become a driver. Third day driving, he gets in a wreck. A week later, he's back to loading cars and now he has a second job at K-Mart. Tough Luck :happy2:
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    Just start your post, then find your video on you tube. Copy the embed code and paste it in your post, Viola, you do'd it.