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    So i know the whole scratch thing has come up a thousand times but I still got to ask how the *... you do it. A little about me early middle aged no stranger to hard work and very long hrs have done 24 hr shifts in a fast paced custom steel fab shop setting. In good shape except have one ankle issue that does not allow me to run but can walk fast and pick up alot of weight be on the move no problem. I've drivin big trucks before so this p10 is no issue for me. In a midwest center and it's my first week been with a sup trainer ever day now. And we are a hr plus out of time every day for the past 3 days. And that's with not taking a lunch and saying we do , organizing the truck for a half hr before we leave in the am. And this guy is grabbing 2 resis stops while I do 1 and he is running to the doors. Plus we got big time pick ups where the truck is as full when we come back as it was when we left. And that's two of us loading it and we are moving when we load. Iam a little slow on the diad and take a bit of extra time finding packages. We are taking bigger loads in with out hand cart because theres two sets of hands. Plus we are using Orion and he is showing me how to change it up a bit to get the big stops off and or hit some close by so we dont have to back track. It's only been a week haven't had to deal with managment yet only the supntrainer for the most part he seems cool. So with out this trainer I would be hrs and hrs out. I don't see how iam gonna make scratch on my own iam not a negative guy but iam contiplating getting my old job back while I still can. Any thoughts on what I could do to make my stops go faster ?
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    Didn't read but you wasting your time if you think you are going to scratch a route during peak. If you are perm, why do you care about their #s. One stop at a time till you develop area knowledge.
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    Learn your area. Like the back of your hand. Unfortunately you have that limited time period. But some places don’t count peak as apart of your 30 days so I would find that out.

    Add those 2 ten minute breaks into your lunch rather than as other work.

    When it’s time to scratch they will set you up to succeed. Since you’re just starting they likely aren’t giving you enough work for you to be able to scratch. For instance my area needs a minimum of 140 stops to make scratch in an eight hour day and I have pickups that go to 5pm so if I have 120 stops I’m not hitting scratch no matter what as the computer generates my day at 7 hours even though my last pickup is at the 8th hour.

    Good luck, but you’ll be fine
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    Do a search, read.
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    your new perm is itchy and you cant scratch it? wait...what?
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    I also thought this was about maintaining curls. But seriously, I've made scratch exactly one time during my one year driving so far, and that one-time was during my pre-seniority (which was also during peak.) Mysterious.

    Spoiler alert: scratch is a totally arbitrary number. If they like you, they'll keep you.