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    Hey all,

    Thomas (WeiseGuy, or Weise, or even WG heh) is my name, from California.

    I currently have a full time job making $11/hr, however there isn't much room to move up in the world and annual monetary reviews come up with pay raises of less then $0.25. I just turned 21 and am looking for something I can turn into a career. I have 2 UPS hubs close to me, Stockton, CA and Modesto, CA and am very interested in applying. I also just got out of the Army National Guard as a Military Intelligence Analyst and still have my top secret clearance if that adds to anything. I looked online to apply, however currently nothing is listed. I was curious if I could ask a couple questions and for advice here.

    1. What type of positions can I look at for entry-level, some college (no degree yet), that would be preferably full-time (or part-time if the wage is lower, as I can keep my current job and work UPS)? Truck loader/unloader? Making pallets/shrink wrapping? I am a little green to the titles of these with UPS.

    2. What type of wages can I be looking at to start and how quickly do they increase?

    3. How exactly do union benefits work? Can I find a list of the top benefits such as pay increase.

    4. I would love to be a full-time driver eventually, are there any tips for setting oneself up for that?

    Basically, I need the job I have until UPS would pay me equal or more. I gross about $21k/yr currently, but definitely am not in a career based occupation. UPS is a career I would enjoy and I know the union assists with making it a career (with pay increases, benefits, pension, etc).

    Thanks for the help and thanks for creating such a wonderful forum. Found it by mistake in a google search and love it so far!
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    Welcome Thomas! Thank you for your service to our country. When you say you looked on-line to apply, do you mean you visited If not you need to go to that site. There are alot of people on here from CA and they would know your area alot better than I would. Our hubs which distribute the work from feeders(trailers) to the centers are much larger than centers and employ more people. The centers are where the brown package cars come from to deliver to local businesses and residences. Starting pay for part-timers is presently $8.50/hr. Advancing to driver can be very lengthly depending where you are out of. For instance my building hired it's last driver in the summer of 2007. We have lost 11 drivers since for various reasons and not 1 job has been replaced. Best of luck to you!
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    Hey there and thank you for the warm welcome and appreciation toward the military.. I did indeed go to and found there are two hazmat drivers and a TL Supervisor of Operations needed for Stockton, CA and similar for Modesto, CA. I doubt either of these would be entry-level.

    $8.50/hr isn't bad to start, but I've read that with the union there are very steady (and rapid) increases in the first year or two of employment. Can you elaborate on that at all?

    Also, how hard is it to move to full-time?

    Finally, I understand the path to being a driver will take some time, but again, that is why I am looking at UPS as career, not just a stepping stone.

    Stockton is a local center I believe with the delivery trucks/vans. Modesto is too I believe, but I am not 100% sure. I am not sure where the larger DC would be with the actual trailers and such, but I don't think its Stockton or Modesto.
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    Hi Thomas, contact a moderator and request thaat this thread be moved to UPS discussions. That's where most of the members read/reply. If this is not possible just post your original question in UPS discussions forum. Hopefully you'll get the answers you need. Good luck.
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    I don't know anyone to PM, lol
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    Thanks for the tip, however all of the mods seem to have PM's turned off.
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    I moved the thread.

    Actually newbies pm's are turned off thanks to spammers and trolls. Feel free to send me an email using the Contact Us text link at the bottom of the forum pages.

    Welcome to the community.

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    I can't believe companies pay full time workers 11 bucks an hour in this day and age. I made 12 bucks an hour in 1988 before I came to UPS and I didn't think that was that great back then.
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    Yeah, its ridiculous. $20k a year roughly gross....and I'm in California mind you so cost of living is a bit higher....