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    Got a question. Have been working for 6 months - no real problems. On a Tuesday I told my supervisor I would not be at work the next day (Wednesday) because of a traffic court date, he in turn told the "acting" supervisor who came to me and said to reschedule the date - I said it couldn't be changed. So I kept the required Wednesday court appointment and when I reported to work on Thursday, the "regular" supervisor asks where I was the day before and says I'm written up for not calling in and not reporting. No one is denying that I said I wouldn't be there and I even had the documentation to prove the court appearance. I just want to understand - when I give a supervisor advance notice that I will not be able to be at work I still need to call? Thanks
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    I'm not sure on this, but if they seem to be that much of and A _ _ to you I would let them know the day prior...Then I would call your supervisor every dang hour on the hour at home..(Making sure you do this between 12:00 A.M and your start time!:wink2:).
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    If you told your supervisor that you were not going to be in the next day, you are not a no call no show. You are absent and will not get paid for the time off.

    This brings me to another situation that could arise. If you were going to be off for more than 1 day for say disability or an operation etc. you should bring in a note from your doctor that shows you will be out for an extended period. If you don't do this .... call in every day and expect to bring a note in when you come back. This is if you are out for more than a few days. Rule of thumb is off for 3 working days due to illness or injury you will probably be required to be cleared for return to work.
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    its really depend on the last time i have no show but my supa didnt do anything.
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    HI from UPS Santa Cruz Center , 14 years Preloader .

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    I was told a long time ago that if you need a day off of work for any reason, make sure you watch the supervisor you tell write it on the calendar or whatever they use to keep track of the employees days off. Then you have seen the documentation that you requested the day off.

    By just telling your sup that you need this or that day off, there is no proof you asked or told them you were gonna gone.
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    You need to give ONE WEEK notice. If you do not give one week notice advance, you must "book off" the day/night before and "book on" the day after.
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    you cant just walk up to a sup and say hey i wont be here tommorow....unless you are having quadruple bypass heart surgery
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    Welcome to BC.:peaceful: To the OP: Don't expect your supes to communicate between themselves that you had informed them about needing the day off. That is one thing I found was lacking in the hub operation, communication between area supes. Cover your butt and make them write everything down.
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    The only think you need to remember is

    If you would like a day off ask. But if you need a day off call in.

    Then there won't be any problems.
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    Just call at least an hour before you start time and tell them you've been on the toilet all night. Let them know that if you report for work you will most likely have to RUN!! not "walk at a brisk pace" to the nearest can if you're gonna avoid leaving a brown trail in your wake. After all, you wouldnt want to create a "slip and fall" hazard for yourself or anyone else. You can always find away to hide behind safety!