Newbie from Iowa with some questions Local 710.

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    Hello everyone. I stumbled across this wonderful website when I was searching for answers. I am a package car driver and have been since 2006. I am currently off for a shoulder injury and have a question that hopefully someone can answer. I have been off since last Oct. I've had surgery which didn't work and now i'm on the 7th Dr trying to fix me. The Dr that did the surgery said there was nothing that he could do and gave me a perm. restriction which according to the other doctors i've been too wasn't the right thing to do. My question is am I able to apply for other positions (i.e. feeders etc) with the hopes that maybe one of these Dr's can fix me and get me back to as close to 100% as possible? Thanks for everyones help and I look forward to chatting with everyone soon.
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    What kind of shoulder injury? Anything that would restrict you from package would most likely restrict you from feeder. Plus, injury or not, you will still have to wait your turn in seniority. If a restrictive injury was the ticket into early feeder package car drivers would be jumping off roofs on a daily basis.
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    I had a piece of my shoulder blade shaved down and some other stuff done. I realize the restriction wouldn't allow me to do the job now but I wasn't sure if it was like someone who is on vaca for a month applies for a job before or while their off and then going into the position when they return.