Newt Gingrich: A Crime Againts Conservatism

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Sleeve_meet_Heart, Jan 26, 2012.

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    Newt Gingrich: A Crime Against Conservatism


    Well done, imo.
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  2. klein

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    I can't stand listening to him for 5 min, and you expect me to watch a whole hr ?
    Don't think so ! sorry.
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    The U.S. attention span deficit must apply to all Canadians too? ;)
  4. klein

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    Of course it does, The US is our largest trading partner, and Canada is America's largest trading partner.
    Your low (at par) dollar is already hurting us. (makes exports to the US too expensive, since our wages are in general much higher than yours).
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    Kleenex, (since you continue to misuse my name) it wasn't too long ago you were dnacing in the street over the declining value of the USD, saying it gave you more buying power. Make up your mind.
  6. klein

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    For travellers like myself, it's awesome ! For Alberta, it's awesome too (more dollars for oil).

    For manufacturing Ontario and Quebec, it sucks !

    For the consumer, it's great, too (groceries, clothing , electronics, everything imported has become cheaper) !