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'Anytime you go upside a man's head or a woman - then they have a tendency to blink they eye or close they eye and that was all the time I needed'.



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Don't be given management any ideas
I use the Deacon Jones headslap at work all the time...

Pull up to the dock at the same time as fedex? - BLAP! Bust a headslap on they ass, and use that blink of their eye to get to the receiver 1st.

Get back to the bldg early and your ocs asks you to go back out to grab a pickup or run a missload? - Boom! Headslap. Use the ensuing confusion to slip past him to the diad room and punchout.

Amazon junkie/QVC queen has a pile of return packages to go back 1st thing in the morning and the truck is too full? - Whap! Aaaaaannnd we gone. Shouldn't have blinked them eyes, ma.

The headslap and my willingness to utilize it on a man or a woman at work has been revolutionary for my career.

I'm considering adding a crotch kick to my repertoire as well, because some of my customers/sups have begun to wear a helmet if they're planning to approach me, and therefore the element of surprise has evidently been removed and my headslap is beginning to lose it's efficacy. Gotta keep it fresh if you wanna continue to enjoy the benefit of that blazing fast 1st step.


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Hey old man could you make another “Current Events” thread about obscure cultural references from 40 years ago.

Did you watch it?

It's definitely a video that could be considered current events when you look at it from the perspective of it being commentary on how far we've come since then with regard to violence against women.

This is an NFL films clip - could you imagine if an NFL player said something like that present day? But it obviously didn't even make NFL films or ESPN blink an eye (see what I did there?) back in the day, and was played for years.

I dunno know if they even realized it, and I know I'd definitely seen it years ago and forgot about it, until Adam Carolla started to utilize this clip in his comedy/radio bits and pointed it out. Since then I don't believe it's been played on television.