NFL Replacement Refs turn up at Turner Field in Atlanta

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Hoaxster, Oct 5, 2012.

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    If you thought the Green Bay play was atrocious, check out the left field umpire's call in the NL Wild Card game.

    He called an infield rule on a ball popped up in the outfield after the ball had already hit the ground untouched by a fielder.
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    These guys needed a job.

    I am glad MLB gave these guys a job.

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    Hoax Hoax Hoax.... the umps made the correct call.... if you look at the slo mo replay, the ump called it before the ball hit the ground.... the infield fly rule hinges on whether the infielder or outfielder could have caught the ball.... the short stop could have had it and the ump called it.... by rule it should have been called at the apex and the ump was a tad late,,, but was the right call
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    I'm just glad it wasn't D battery day at the Ted!

    In hounour of Chippers last game, I ate at Hooters tonite
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    Although it does bring up the whole thing about a one game winner take all game...... I am a Cards fan through and through but its wrong to hinge a whole season on one game.....
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    Double post, Oh well...
    The picture reflects the fans thought on it.
    They showered the field with their opinion of the calls.

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    ...had it not been for the changes made this year one of these teams would have been home already...I like the idea of a one-game playoff...I don't like the fact that the outcome hinged on a blown call...if we make this series best of three it pushes the rest of the playoffs back at least a week and they'll be shoveling snow during the World Series...
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    First off,,,, it was not a blown call,,, by rule it was the correct call. It may not have looked like it because the short stop was in the outfield but the MLB rule was followed and the ump got it correct.

    It is true that one team would have already been home without the new rule, but for the Braves to be sent home after one bad game isnt right. There are reasons that teams play a best of 7; it allows for bad games and the better team usually comes out on top.
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    I've seen the slo-mo several times and the shortstop was never under the ball and could not have caught the ball with reasonable effort.

    Major League Baseball rules specifies that an infield fly is a fair fly ball that "can be caught by an infielder with ordinary effort." Rule 2.00 (Ordinary Effort) defines this standard as "the effort that a fielder of average skill at a position in that league or classification of leagues should exhibit on a play, with due consideration given to the condition of the field and weather conditions."

    The call was late and the ump started his arm up after the shortstop had already started back towards the infield.
    It is a judgment call but in slo-mo, it shows the ump was wrong, but once the call was made "it is what it is".
    I expect MLB to back up the ump as they should ... just like UPS backs up it's management. That's the nature of the system.

    I don't think the call affected the outcome of the game ... I think 3 errors by the Braves (plus the base-running error by Simmons) and the inability to get men on base across the plate affected the outcome of the game much more. The Braves lost this game not because of the umps but because of themselves.

    With that said, that was an absolutely inept call by Sam Holbrook and he is such a jerk, he will never realize that he made a bad call.
    The purpose of the infield fly rule is to protect the runners and that call had absolutely anything to do with protecting the runners.
    The ball was over 90 feet into the outfield thus disallowing any "reasonable expectation of turning a double play" by letting the ball drop and forcing out the 2 runners on base.
    His entire career is littered with "muffed" calls/decisions and he is a bully to the other umpires and anybody else that questions him.
    In his mind, he has never made a bad call or bad decision in his whole life.

    Oh well, there's always next year.
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    The infield fly is a verbal call and the ump could have been calling well before he pointed. The shortstop could have mistaken this call as the left fielder calling him off or he could have thought that the left fielder had a better shot at throwing out an advancing runner. The flip side is most of the other outcomes could have been worse for the Braves than this call, such as an inning ending double play or 2 out with runners at 1st and 2nd instead of 2nd and 3rd.

    The real outrage is the way the so-called fans acted by endangering the well-being of players, coaches, officials and other fans by littering the place with garbage. Hopefully not everyone in Atlanta is that classless.
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    That I agree with.
    Most of the fans that go to the games in Atlanta are not indigenous to Georgia.
    Over half the people living in Atlanta came from the north and unfortunately what you saw with the fans was that northern influx, especially from New York and New Jersey and the Northeast.
    Atlanta use to be the "city too busy to hate" but that's no longer true.
    I wish they would all go back myself.
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    Sam Holbrook never said that in any of his interviews or discussions.
    I'm sure if you asked him that today, he would say he did.
    Also, the verbal call is made as the ump starts his arm gesture.
    When the ump started his arm gesture, the shortstop was already heading towards the infield.
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    You may be getting another New Yorker in your neck of the woods fairly soon. My son may be taking his Supply Chain Solutions degree to work for UPS in Atlanta---there are openings for Operations Management Trainees both in Atlanta and at Worldport.
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    Good deal!
    Have him look me up if he reports to work before January 12, 2013