Noble Lies and Sibel Edmonds

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    Plato in The Republic spoke of the political operative known as the
    "Noble Lie" and of moden day irony, 2 adherants of such belief was the philosophical father of NeoConservatism Leo Strauss and the the father of NeoConservatism, the recently late Irving Kristol who said,

    It is with this backdrop that I bring 2 items to the table for consideration that expose (attempt to begin) the noble lie.

    First I give you this.


    Let us not forget that the Vietnam War was started over a noble lie in the Gulf of Tonkin and that McNamara himself years later admitted the event never happened. A President caught redhanded using his office for dirty tricks and yet told the American people the noble lie, "I'm not a crook!" Or another President telling the noble lie, "I never had sex with that woman!" And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

    Now this brings us to Sibel Edmonds where she recently sat down with The American Conservative magazine and another gov't whistleblower in former CIA operative Philip Giraldi and told more than she has at any point so far.

    Is the truth really about an oily road? Has the President made backroom deals to influence certain decisions to be made to protect other business interests abroad and then use the taxpayer to provide the payoff a month later to complete the deal? Seems the summer of 2009' was very busy while we drew clown faces of our President and performed the 2 minute hate of the tea party attendees!

    Will history show our current President had his own domestic noble lies to protect from truth? And just how deep might certain actions of economic protection go? Yet we laugh as with humor when confronted with even the most simple of truth as through the rantings of the crazy court jester.

    Should we stop laughing and consider the point that it might really have some merit?

    But it's all OK. Our handlers and enablers have it all figured out and all you need do is for the picture of Goldstein to appear and follow the lemmings in the 2 minute hate! And speaking of, IMO the cry of racism in those opposing the State is the tool of Big Brother using a complete fiction in their version of Goldstein to steer the masses for the purpose of control!
    Instead of racism, Hypocracy would seem the more correct term but then if that was used against the current discontents of State direction then a view of the previous 8 years might be in order to compare those discontents to their own current actions!

    Maybe for once we should stop laughing and listen to what the court jester really is sayng!


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