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    Before we went union I do not recall losing any pay around any holidays they always worked around it. Ever since we went union we get these notices a week before the holiday and they say the terminal is closing down. For instance this 4th of July they are closed on the 3rd for a non-service day and paying us for the forth. I"m Tuesday thru Saturday and losing a days pay furthermore the Sunday thru Thursday shift get a 6 day pay check. This is what gets me. At the beginning of the year they push us to get all of our vaction scheduled which leaves me no time to use vaction time around all of these non-service days. I dont mind having the extra day off, trust me. Just wish when we schedule are vacation at the beginning of the year they would give us a schedule of the non-service days so we can plan our vaction time accordingly. Any other terminals having this issue? Any suggestions how we can work out this situation.
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    My Local's (705) Parcel contract has a Letter of Understanding for Inside (dock) Employees that would seem to cover this, however, it hasn't been used to my knowledge (and I asked my Rep. specifically about it) for July 4th holiday week. It starts out with:

    1. Special Operation Weeks - Affected Inside Employees

    In January of each year the Employer and Union shall meet and agree on weeks during the year that may require special operations.

    Propose some similar language for your next contract. Until then, look over the upcoming year's calendar carefully when bidding workweeks & vacations.
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    On Friday non-service day at my Term, they threw everything on the rail, so we are filing on that to get paid our normal wages as if we worked. As far as the vacation cover, we are allowed to use vacation to cover these days, then when the grievance is won, the vacation day will be credited back.
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    Thanks for the reply's very helpful.:peaceful:
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    Save your option days instead of throwing them into the wind. At least that's what I do for such cases. We don't get 'family day' paid for here because it's a provincial holiday and not a federal one so they close down the depot and if you don't have a option day tough luck!