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  1. I had a 2nd day ASD package to deliver the other day for the first time. How do you sheet up this package for a residential stop? I know there are three copies, one being the top copy which you give to the shipper and the green copy for turn in and the last copy stays on the package. I didn't know this until today. What should i have done?
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    If its safe to do, DR it like any other.:confused:1
  3. i didn't remove any copies from the package :blushing:
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    It's not a big deal until the package gets lost or mis-delivered or there's a question as to what suite number or apt number... then those copies (which are scanned into a computer) can be recalled and address corrections made. Since it made it to it's proper destination -- no harm, no foul. Just make sure when you pick one up you remove the appropriate copies -- the driver on the pick up end either was under the gun for being over allowed or was a lunch runner and couldn't take the time to do it right... either way Tie Guy will take care of it.
  5. thanks for the reply!
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    The original needs to stay with the shipper, The Green goes to billing (green for Money, we do like to be paid for what we do!), the bottom one stays on the parcel. I noticed on some of the newer ASDs, the second one isn't green, its Red like the top one. I'm amazed at the ASDs I see left in Package Cars or laying around on the floor or out on the lot. If they weren't scanned on Pickup, I wonder if somebody got free service. I don't know if Billing gets enough off the Intransit Scans to bill from.
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    Actually on the new ASD's the original goes to billing, the second copy is the customers. If you still have the billing copy on the package when you deliver it we were told to remove it and turn it in with your normal paperwork.