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    What do you think of the below:
    12/06/11 AP wire
    SOUTH FULTON, Tenn. -- A Tennessee couple has lost everything after their home burned to the ground as firefighters watched and did nothing. Vicky Bell told WPSD-TV that she called 911 when her mobile home in Obion County caught fire. Firefighters responded but did not put out the blaze because she does not subscribe to the local fire service.
    Bell says she could "look out my mom's trailer and see the trucks sitting at a distance."
    Rural residents who want fire protection can get service from the nearby town of South Fulton, but they must pay a $75-a-year fee. South Fulton Mayor David Crocker said that if the city's firefighters responded to people who didn't pay there would be no incentive for anyone to subscribe. He said firefighters will help when people are in danger, regardless of whether they have paid.
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    I would think this would be the same as an uninsured person going to the ER seeking immediate medical care. Hospitals are required to provide stabilizing care to any and all patients regardless of ability to pay. To idly sit by and watch someone's home burn is simply wrong--put out the fire and deal with the fee later.
  3. cachsux

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    Our township had to institute a fee for non fire or medical emergencies. Unfortunately there are those in society who seem to think the fire dept was there to do everything including wipe their bottom if they didn`t do something to curb the cornball calls. People are still allowed to call for advice but if the trucks roll they`re gonna pay a fee.
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    They knew they had to pay a fee for the service. I agree with the FD letting their home burn.
    Shoulda paid....
  5. cachsux

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    I`d say fight the fire but put a lien against the property for proven years of non payment.
  6. Dizzee

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    Then it becomes a forced service fee, it's no longer a choice. If you go that route, you might as well add it on the water/sewer bill.
  7. cachsux

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    Or not. Just a sleep deprived thought.
  8. over9five

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    Yup, they had a choice. Where did this line come from:

    "You chose....unwisely"
  9. over9five

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    That was "Raiders of the Lost Ark", Ovah.

    Oh yeah, that was driving me crazy. Thanks Ovah!
  10. klein

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    It would be socialisum if every tax payer had "free" figher fighters.
    Conservatives should praise this.
    And maybe in the future, exempt fire fighters and 911 service from their home, (property), taxes, unless they are willing to pay for that kind of insurance.
  11. cachsux

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    Ok, slept on it. Much better idea.

    ATM machine built into the side of the fire truck.
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    This house/trailer was outside the jurisdiction where people pay taxes for fire fighting services. The only reason that the fire fighters came was because neighbors close to the fire had paid the $75 fee.
    I imagine the township is getting a lot of families paying the $75 for protection service right now.

    Sounds like Comprehensive insurance on your car.
    You have an accident and its your fault, you pay to get the car fixed or buy a new car.
    While I feel empathy for these people, they made a choice and now they have to live with that choice.
    I have insurance on my house and I carry a Million dollar umbrella coverage and that all I ever buy insurance for unless legally required.
    If I wreck my SUV I pay. That's makes me a safer driver that drives very defensively.