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  1. skirhustler

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    We have not been able to scan pkg's in our center for about a year. My customers are getting mad when then send out next day air and it does not get there on time, and when they call UPS for answers they say they didn't ship out on that day. Anyone else not scanning and having problems with this.
  2. Kraetos

    Kraetos Preload, Loader

    First I've heard of this anywhere. You'd think LA would be up on the latest technology and gadgets.
  3. drewed

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    Well whats the problem with scanning?
    Id have to almost call BS on this one....thats millions of packages that would to easily be lost if there wasnt any scanning on them.
  4. Salesguy

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    yeah right, you must be a silly sub
  5. herbigharo32

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    The scanners at my center are terribly out dated. The manufactured day stamp on the scanners says 1995. The scanners are almost 15 years old!! Many work stations have been cannibalized to keep others working. Often, I use the blue tooth scanners; works much better.
  6. jennie

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    Scanners are working fine for us over here in jersey-preload:peaceful:
  7. UPSNewbie

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    In the center I worked in, the SPAs used the ancient scanners. The loaders used the Bluetooth.
  8. Kraetos

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    Is every hub using windows 95 in their data cap station areas, or is it just us here in Texas? I swear, if you make the wrong move or click on the wrong application, it's gonna be a slow slow day...
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  9. we have windows 2000 or xp professional on all of ours