Not sure if I got the job?

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    Hello. Recently, I applied online to be a Seasonal Driver Helper. I scheduled an interview and went to said location at the desired time. I was there, along with a few other canidates. One by one we were interviewed in a short process. I was told that the seasonal job would last October 15th to January 15th. I am 17 and this would be my first job. That didn't seem to be a problem as the interviewer was well aware of that. I was told to go back online and fill out the added details, that were locked until then. He then said that I'd have to attend orientation and was given a paper with the location of where the orientation would be, however was told that it could be a week or more until I receive the call. Nothing was really indicated that I didn't get the job. I haven't received a call however it was only 2 days ago I interviewed. I'm excited for the job & I'm not sure whether I should expect a call back or not?
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    You will be called when they know when they will be having a driver helper training class. I would guess in about 2 weeks or so. Then you will need to call in daily to see if and where and when and for how long to meet driver. You might only work 2 days a week for 2 hours a day, or you may work 12 hours a day all 5 days a week. Sorry to relay this info to you. But at least now you know. Good luck to you.
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    In our center the first meet is set up by the helper coordinator and, if the driver and helper work well together, the driver sets up all subsequent meets.
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    Make plans for something. Expect a call right after for that time/date.
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    17 years old and you want to become a seasonal driver? You have to be 21 years old in order to drive kiddo. Better luck at Pizza Hut.
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    Did you miss the helper part?

    Driver helper.
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    You're breathing. You will be called at some point in time.
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    I did miss that part actually
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    I would think working inside as a PT package handler would give you more hours and a better chance at permanent PT. Of course at 17 the hours you could work would be limited. I have known many PT who started at 17 and retired PT 30 years later.
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    Noticed you said this is your first job. If you can survive a full peak as a helper, you'll be able to do pretty much anything that evolves a fast paced, physical environment.
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    Unrealistic for new hires. I'm in that position (I started in June 1999 at 17). I'm in the Company pension plan and in 9 years I'll be eligible for 25-and-out, collecting $1200 monthly; in 14 years, it'll be $1800. But here's the problem: the amounts haven't changed since 1999. I'll only be 42/47 -- retirement health benefits will eat most of my check. Of course, I could always find another job and collect my UPS pension checks... but based on a 20-hr work week (40 during peak), in 9 years, I'll conservatively be banking between $20K-$25K more than my pension checks + I'll have 8 week paid time off. Just doesn't make sense to begin a second career.

    So... sounds nicer than it actually is :).