Novato UPS driver robbed while delivering cellphones

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    Novato UPS driver robbed while delivering cellphones - Marin Independent Journal

    Novato police are trying to identify a group of men who robbed a UPS driver delivering electronics to a Verizon store.

    The driver, who was not injured, did not see any weapons. The stolen merchandise was valued at about $13,000, said Novato police Sgt. Trevor Hall.

    Police did not have detailed descriptions of the robbers. The driver also was unable to provide license plate numbers because the vehicles had temporary dealership plates.
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    Talk about a sticky situation
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    Anyone know the specific area where this happened? I need a new phone...
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    We have been having certain routes robbed up here in the Norcal/Valley area of phones,(tmobile,att). Even the FedEx Express guy on my route got pushed down and robbed in about the last 3months. Even more of a excuse to deliver that stuff near 5pm. No thugs are gna be waiting around for me all day.
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    Why not? They have something better to do? LOL
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    Actually they do.
    Selling dime bags in the hood and attracting baby momma's.