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Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by wkmac, Sep 30, 2005.

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    Now all I have to do and go out, buy the machine and the space and tools to do the process. Wait, think it might cost me more in the long run than the cost of the gasoline. However I did see in the story that NASCAR teams are using the process. That could explain why Jarrett has done so poorly this year, he fell in and hasn't thawed out yet.
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    Individual cost yes but if the process does work as claimed, with fuel prices what they are and the growing pressures of environmental concerns from automobile pollution you can bet this will become an industry in some form. Besides, there are companies out there that cryo treat metals for industry so the individual can have it done at a cost that will, over the course of a few years in fuel saving and life of component savings, probably more than pay for itself.

    Regardless, good to see the average guy thinking outside the box because in the end this is where solutions come from.
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    It would be worth it alone never buying a car agian...a million miles..this would would be yur last car..a new car depreciates the moment u drive it off the lot...worst investment ever!!