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    I just qualified in charlotte. However fri at 4pm i had a99% on review 1 94% on rev 2 and 90% on rev 3 with total aggregate of 94%. Instructor told me we had 15 mins and for me to do rev3 again ad bring the 90% up to bring aggregate score up. He said u had to have 95% total percentage to qualify however the instruction for that cbt says a 90% of all three reviews to get a certificate. How is it then that i dont qualify to be a driver based on a computer ? I mean i did great on everything else???
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    No clue
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    Are you talking about integrad? If so, that's not qualifying. Talk to you steward, supervisor, and HR if necessary to get things squared away.

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    No this was NSPT school in charlotte. I bid an exception air job. It was a week of class including on the road in a brown truck turned into a short bus. They put seats where the shelves usually are and put windows along either side but we had one full day in class three days on road for space and visibility etc... which I did good in all that but we also had 24 courses of curriculum to complete via I-gate. I did it all. But the instructors said u had to have a aggregate score of 95% to qualify. The instructions for that particular course (which is diad 5 )says u must score a 90% across all 3 reviews. I had a 99%,94%,and a 90%. For a total of 94%. So he says I did not qualify based on that. ,? Which is obsured. So u mean to tell me y'all put me in a hotel made me memorize the 5 verbatim and the ten point commentary and let me drive in downtown charlotte on streets I've never driven before and qualify me on all that to tell me at 4pm fri that I don't qualify for a 1% shortage on a CBT course that is not even a real diad? . Guess they made their own rules
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    What's stopping you from retaking that one training module? We were allowed to retake them as many times as we needed in order to "pass". Again, talk to your steward, supervisor, HR and center manager to figure out what is going on. If they need you, I don't think one CBT will stand in the way.
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    Thank u so much .
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    Did you end up passing?
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    Yes I did and thanks for asking.