Obama Job Approval Drops Below 50%

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by over9five, Nov 20, 2009.

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    Latest Gallup Poll

    I'm sure Gallup most have called a lot of Fox News listeners that day....
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    Just took a break from chilling on the Lido deck to see that things here never change :wink2:
    I found this quote from that poll amusing:
    We're heading back north now and the temp is dropping. Work looms like a black cloud on the horizon......
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    They should have polled those college kids in shanghai:happy-very:
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    :wink2:I am truly surprised that Obama has dropped in the Polling at this point.
    I look forward to see what happens when the cadillac health care plan taxes get passed on to us ---when cap and trade --As Obama stated "Cap and Trade will greatly increase electric bill"--Large, midsize and small business will continue to shrink as the Tax burden grows--unemployment will continue to grow --while obama holds "conferences" on jobs ????
    The much ,much worse is yet to come --be patient. That will be the time to look at Polls --unfortunately too late.
    Also the "circus" trial in NYC should be in full swing !!
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  5. JimJimmyJames

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    I think Obama was elected largely as a repudiation of our foreign fiascos.

    That he has further spread our war in Afghanistan to Pakistan, is leaving people with a bad taste in their mouths.

    Then add the fact that he is going to reduce Medicare and thus enrage the retiring baby boomers, no wonder his numbers are tanking.
  6. wkmac

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    You see the latest today? Seems democrat Carl L is proposing a war tax on high income earners.

    I think Sen. L, President Obama and the democrats should go one step further. A direct 15% tax on all gross income (on top of other taxes), no matter the source and with no deductions as a Victory Tax in the same manner as FDR did with the 1942' Victory Tax Act.

    Pay for the boots on the ground, give them what they need, not worsen deficit spending nor add to the worsening national debt. If the threat's that real and concern that great, then 15% is a sacrifice any good American should be willing to make for the cause of freedom!

    Maybe even it's justified for Uncle Sam to confiscate all 401k plans in the name of national defense and national emergency. I mean, what good is a 401k plan if we're being ruled by Al Qaeda and other radical muslim types because they won't let us keep it anyway. Might as well use it now to defeat them since they are such a threat. I mean, they even are attacking us on our home soil again and right on our military bases among our own troops. When are we going to wake up and realize they are on the verge of defeating us?

    I mean if we're gonna get serious and defeat the threat, let's get serious and put our money where our mouths are!
  7. wkmac

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    Robert Fisk: Obama will be worse than Bush

  8. JimJimmyJames

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    Agreed, let's do it.

    But funny, isn't it, how when we faced the USSR, who, along with us, had the power to destroy the Earth (well at least most things living on it), we didn't find their threat as, well, threatening.

    I mean compared to the Muslims. We know that Islam is far more threatening then the Commies, right :wink2:?

    I mean, it could't be the Middle East hates us because we unconditionally support Israel, prop up dictatorships that suppress their people, or invade, occupy and kill their kinsmen?

    It must be, like the Commies, they want to take over the world! And they don't even need nukes to do it. What power!

    Hmm, maybe God is on their side!

    Allah Akbar!

    (And for the uninitiated, no I am not a Muslim. I just strongly disagree with current U.S. foreign policy)
  9. tieguy

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    I think you may be selling Obamas efforts short. Obama has done a great job of apologizing to other countries, bowing to lesser leaders and holding townhall meetings with foriegn college students. Someone even suggested that his increased T-shirt sales indicate that all foriegn policy problems have been solved.:happy-very:
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    Honeymoon is over:happy-very: