One thing I haven't seen discussed if a work stoppage occurs....

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    UPS stores. This is one thing that has been added since '97. How would this effect the independent operators who will effectively lose brand confidence. How would this effect them long term? Would UPS offer any compensation for a work stoppage in forms of reduced royalties or something there of? As a side note, I have seen some UPS stores offering the use of DHL for international, not sure if this is UPS approved or not.
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    The UPS Stores can use other carriers.
    FedEx decided to not allow shipping by The UPS Stores.
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    As I stated before Jack. My UPS store owner attempted to get a FEDEX account and was denied by fedex. I am not too sure they are restricted from using other services. Could be wrong.

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    If our union leaders say they are committed to getting the contract done well before the deadline, why would anyone think that a strike is imminent???? Union press releases are still alluding to an early agreement. I would think that if negotiations were going poorly, our leaders would start firing people up to prepare for a strike.

    I am not seeing that, unless you are counting the brown cafe......
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    We should know more tomorrow, but from what has traveled down the grapevine, it sounds like .......well, lets wait until tomorrow to go there.
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    Ill bet most of their money comes from other sources.
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    I have a coworker that told me he sold some stock recently just to have money set aside because a strike is imminent. He said, "We went on strike before and we'll do it again." I told him there is one BIG difference between then and now. In 1997 we were a privately owned company. Since 1999 we are a publicly traded company. I for one am pretty sure that UPS will not allow us to strike. Too much damage can be done if we would.
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