Only 8 hours all through peak?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Captain America, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. Captain America

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    I have recently been restricted to only 8 hours and have been told this will apply all through peak. I know I could file for the time, but I don't really want to (chicken I guess). The numbers for my area are bad and get worse at some point in the fall and stay that way until spring I have been pounded on this for 4 years and have come to the conclusion that I don't know why this is. I made the mistake of telling my center manager the unadulterated truth, that I will not come in early to fix my load unpaid as many drivers do, skip my break/lunch, another common occurrence, run or do any other crazy things to make my numbers look good. His response is to keep me at 8 hours by making meets and step up his antagonistic attitude(I guess that lovey-dovey precontract vote time is over). Any comments or suggestions would be something for me to think about as I don't understand how this does anything. Punish me by making my check bigger previously or by making me see my family now?:death::surrender:helpsmili:punk::tongue_sm
  2. Brown Dog

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    Wow, I've never heard of such a thing. I wish i could get restricted to 8 a day- I would LOVE this job. I don't know that you can do anything as I don't know that we are guarenteed anything but 8. If you can live without the overtime I say take advantage of it. If you need the overtime you might be in a sticky situation. Good Luck Cap
  3. Enjoy it while it lasts!!:happy-very:

    Let's see if he will keep to his word when the division manager notices you are only working 8.

    You could ask him to put it in writing, with your steward present, that would be fun.

    Make sure you post again when he goes back on his word, my bet is a week from Monday 12/10, any body else??
  4. Damok

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    Seems to be a little power play because you let him know what's up. I can hardly see that lasting.
  5. trickpony1

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    Management is full of people on a little power play. It seems there are chemical changes in the brain when a person puts on a tie.

    The BrownCafe has several of these management people that are here to impress others as well as themselves.
  6. mattwtrs

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    It sounds like you got enough OT earlier this year, I'm sure there are thousands of drivers that would like to done in 8 hours in December.
  7. wornoutupser

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    PLEASE SEND THAT MANAGER TO FLORIDA!!!!!!! I want 8 hours days!!!!!

    I was off at 10:42 last night- the (IMHO) idiots cut more runs down here and we had a big party at 11:00 PM when everyone got in last night.
  8. Captain America

    Captain America SuperDAD to the rescue

    I never ask for OT it just happens or not. The wife is pushing for me to get some of the time others are getting, but I am stressed out enough just keeping eyes in the back of my head. It can be a struggle to keep your head on straight and keep your job if they decide you are weak and it can take years to get a supe to back off. I am honest and work to the best of my ability,I don't see how anyone following the rules can beat my numbers. When I start going against methods or working outside paid time bad things happen (accidents, claims, ...) so I feel dammed if I do and dammed if I don't. I told him if he gets me it will be for an honest mistake and I will be able to look my little girls in the eye and tell them so. Christ, I need a new route! I have performed better on other routes with my same work ethic and they should know this.:blahblah::hammer::surrender:sad2::dead:
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  9. 2Slow

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    If he is making "special" rules for you that do not appy to others then you could file a grievance for harassment that would hold up.

    This is one of those situations that tends to fix itself. Make a point of telling everyone how great it is to be home early at peak and the guys who are killing themselves and their helpers to get in in 11 hours will let him know what they think of that.
  10. over9five

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    I agree that this is a huge power trip by an idiot. If the work is taken off you after you leave the building, you can grieve it no matter who takes it.
    If the work is removed before you leave the building, you can grieve it if it's given to a less senior driver who is out later than you.

    If it were me, I would NOT grieve it, but I would smile smile smile whenever I saw the manager. Be the happiest driver in there, it will KILL him!
  11. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    How about everyone minds their own business, no one gloats about 8 to others, and no one rats out other union employees or whines to the center manager about someone elses situation (which is pretty dispicable too, and against the code of teh Teamsters if applicable)

    I think anyone recieving OT is blessed. I cannot get over 8 hours for the life of me; except working Super "Stupid" Saturday the 22nd and the the Saturday the 15th.
  12. 3 done 3 to go

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    I had a problem like this before also. There was a younger,lunch/break skipper who also ran(saw with my own eyes). I got the route on the last bid in February. I had a hell of a time with management. They always compared me with that drivers numbers. There was no way I was ever going to skip my lunch(my most important stop of the day). It takes about 4-5 months for them to adjust their numbers. I told them don't ever think my numbers are going to match his. Since then The guy who bumped me off my other route has retired. Now on my old route i am scratch every day. Suggest they do a time study. Make a manager ride with you(ojs). I always tell them i forgot my wallet at home . They will buy lunch for 3 days. That should adjust your numbers. Then you will get all the overtime all the rest of us are blessed with everyday. Goodluck
  13. trickpony1

    trickpony1 Well-Known Member

    I agree with several others.....act like you really enjoy getting just 8 hours and see how quick it changes.
  14. cino321

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    Absolutely I wouldn't mind that for a few weeks.
  15. 2Slow

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    I don't know what job you do, but the overtime is available for all in delivery. At least around here.
    And FYI I am not talking about ratting out anyone, I am talking about playing politics. Drivers who are killing themselves to get done are NOT going to like mgmt pulling another driver in after 8 hours and they will go abuse the center manager about it. He sounds like he deserves all the abuse he gets.
  16. Damok

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    How about trying to help a fellow employee having trouble with his/her center manager?

    If I'm not mistaken the trouble lies not with getting or not getting OT it's the issue of a center manager trying to be a jerk because Captain explained he was going to follow the rules.
  17. trickpony1

    trickpony1 Well-Known Member

    Big mistake telling management what you're, by God, gonna do or not do. They usually have real FRAGILE EGOS and will take it as an affront and target you.
    Simply do it and act stupid.........and smile alot. :happy-very:
  18. AlaskaMike

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    I had a manager do something similar, limiting my hours. One day I came back with three stops still on the truck because I ran into the time limit. He tried to write me up for "missing" the packages and not recording them as missed. Got the Union involved and the warning letter went away and then the time limit did too.

    Does this sup's boss know what's happening? Does your union business agent? If so, what does your state law say about lunch breaks? File a complaint with them if UPS is forcing people to work without taking lunch.
  19. old brown shoe

    old brown shoe 30 year driver

    Sounds like your center manager has a bad case of Little Big Man syndrome. Do your job by their prescribed methods and take all your personal time.When you start running and gunning it will come back to bite you and you will set a pace that is expected out of you every day for the rest of your career. Running and skipping personal time only gets us sent out to help the drivers who work as directed and take lunch and breaks. Keep your chin up be positive and in time it will change or your center manager will go away. I would love to be able to work only eight and go home.
  20. 2Slow

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    Oh, I forgot. The Center manager is called the "Business Manager" these days. So instead of center manager, BM.... :laughing: