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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by darole6, Feb 28, 2008.

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    I have been a PT sorter on the night sort for 5 1/2 yrs. I am also the top seniority PT air driver. Last summer (May 07) I was put on as seasonal driver. The summer season ended on Labor day and I went back to my PT time job. Then on the last week of Sept. I was called in to run a route because they had drivers call off that day. In our supplement of the 2002 contract it states:
    " The employer has the right to hire vacation replacements. Vacation replacements hired in May, June, July, and August shall not gain seniority unless they are worked after Labor day. Employees worked after Labor day shall have their time worked prior to Labor day count toward acquistion of seniorty as provided elsewhere in this agreement. However, their seniority date shall be the first day worked after Labor day. "
    My understanding of this is that if they use me after Labor day, then that day i was used would be my full time seniority date. I asked my center manager about it and he said I was being used as " an air driver running ground" because I am also the top seniority PT air driver. I talked to my union steward and the local union who both said yeah I should be full time because I was used after Labor day. So I filed a greivance.
    Four months went by before I got the word from the local union that the greivance would not be won and I got the whole " air driver running ground" statement again.
    Maybe I'm having delusions of granduer, but I think I should be a full time driver.
    I know that every center, hub, supplement, etc. is different, but I was just wondering what everyone else has to say about this. Thanks for your time and any responses I may get.
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    Is it going to change things once we give our opinion?
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    What was your pay rate for this day of work after labor day?
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    i was paid the top driver rate because they said i was an air driver running ground.
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    I have seen 2 people gain full-time seniority in the exact same circumstance. Your union let you down!!!!!