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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by curiousgeo, Mar 11, 2003.

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    Anyone else notice that the Wachovia site for OPL shows a $2.00 per share dividend payable on 4/15/2003? No info on OPL home page. What has anyone heard?
  2. reply from OPL.

    In reference to your recent inquiry regarding the Wachovia website and a $2 dividend, please be advised that as Transfer Agent for OPL shares, Wachovia Bank conducts numerous random testing of our shareholder files. This process is followed for several reasons including validating the accuracy of our records as well as reconciling total accounts, etc..... This was merely a random testing of our records.
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    Automotive Dave, Thank you for sharing OPL's response.

    I guess the dividend was an early April Fool's Day prank. Those OPL guys have quite a sense of humor.
  4. we can hold out hope that they did not want info released and weschovia, jumped the gun. in previous times, i have seen .01 cent put in for the test, but never $2.
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    Something odd is going on because I just went back and checked Wachovia's website and that "test" has been removed from the dividend history. They probably got a call from OPL. LOL! I doubt they ever removed any of the other random tests. My .01 tests from two years ago are still there. Stay tuned....I guess I'd like to know if this is bad news or good news. Bad news if that's all we'll see, good news if it's a partial distribution....Guess we'll wait and see....
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    The OPL web site has a "Shareholders Announcement February 2003" that states:

    "The Board also resolved to seek approval from the Bermuda reinsurance regulators to permit the payment of a distribution to shareowners during 2003."

    Something good does appear to be in the wings....
  7. the opl site now says we will know more on 03/19/03. when first posted, it said 03/14/03. site was not updated but the notice to shareowners has changed.
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    This is going to be very interesting..
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    Actually shareowners are being assessed $2.00 per share to cover the costs of the parties going on in Bermuda.