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  1. robonono

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    The second last sentence in the OPL letter dated 8/8/02 states:
    "These, actions, together with our success to date, will, subject to regulatory requirements in both Bermuda and the United States, ultimately provide us with the opportunity to start distributing some of our capital to our shareowners on a tax efficient basis." .

    Does anyone care to venture a guess on how OPL will make this distribution to shareowners in a "tax efficient basis"?

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  2. upsdawg

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    How about rolling the money into some UPS A Shares and distributing those shares on a pro rated basis to current OPL shareholders.

    Excellent question---the next question would be when do we expect anything to happen--possibly after the ratification and before the end of the tax year?
  3. bigshot

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    A stock distribution would still be a taxable distribution. Maybe a stock option?