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  1. haarclan

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    Anyone know how to accsess your OPL accnt after the Wachovia merger w/First Union?
  2. bdm1722

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    Haarclan, OPL can be accessed the same way. ESSG log-in will come up as Wachovia and your same First Union codes will work.
  3. opl has posted their 2002 figures on freeedgar.com. i did not have time to read it all, a fast scan did not show any dividend.
  4. i notice on OPL'S 10k report, that upper management has recieved some very healthy bonuses. if they (OPL) can not pay the shareholders and are not making money, how are they recieving such generous bonuses.
    something does not seem right with this, since it still have not found any good news for us.