Organizing against OnTrac

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by norcalbrown, Jul 13, 2015.

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    Our local wants a 10 cent wage diversion to generate funds to hire an organizer to work on getting OnTrac unionized or obliterated. They're telling us that they are a real threat to UPS volume. Made a nice pitch at a meeting this weekend. I'm being told by other members that locals send monies to the IBT monthly, part of which can be used for organizing, and that our guys have been told by the IBT that it's not a priority. Any fear mongering going on outside of northern California?
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    That's funny to me. SoCal here. Haven't heard a thing about it.
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    I think we should be more concerned with Uber.
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    Part of your dues money is suppose to go to organizing efforts. They need to manage the monies they get know better.

    I'm all for organizing, but I doubt the local would give that 10¢/hr back after that time is over.
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    Really??? Uber is a joke... Great for someone wanting to make a few extra bucks but for package delivery??? The taxi companies tried this and it really didn't work.
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    Hope they have Russian translators because many of the ontrac guys out on the west coast hardly speak English...I thought ontrac was already being organized or that their semi drivers who run up and down I5 were