Organizing FedEx



I'm wondering if there is any chance that the Teamsters can organize FedEx:

Another hope of labor is that a victory would encourage workers at Federal Express and other shippers to think that a union could help them. A big obstacle to organizing Federal Express, however, is its successful lobbying last year to be placed under the Railway Labor Act, instead of the National Labor Relations Act.

Under the railway act, which generally covers airlines and railroads, a union can organize workers only by having representation elections for all of a company's workers at once, instead of conducting separate elections at individual sites. It would be a tall order to organize Federal Express' 110,000 workers all at once.

Have the teamsters ever been successful with this kind of an organizing campaign?


A news story about an ongoing reorganization effort:

Teamsters mounts threat to prison guards union
By JOHN MILGRIM Ottaway News Service
ALBANY A new union backed by the Teamsters began the process Friday of trying to oust the organization now representing about 22,000 state-prison correction officers.

The new Benevolent Law Enforcement Union is moving to replace the New York State Correctional Officers and Police Benevolent Association, which itself replaced the Council 82 union in 1999.

NYSCOPBA President Brian Shanagher said the challenge is coming from disgruntled former Council 82 officials, who also brought a failed challenge in 2000.

"What are they doing, putting perfume on a pig and trying to sell it back to us?" Shanagher said. "The bottom line is nobody wants them. They cant get the signatures