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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by By The Book, Aug 11, 2014.

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    Has anyone heard of the union having a vote in the west for a supplemental dues to be paid by all members for an organizing campaign for Ontrac. The way I heard it said was if a majority of the members that voted, voted yes it was a done deal and you paid a seperate dues for it.
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    How much of a dues increase are they talking about?

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    It's something I heard, but no amount given. I'm uncertain if its for an ongoing campaign or to pay for what has already been organized. I think it has to do with jobs that could be lost due to amazon using local curriers out here and that would result in less pkgs. in the ups pipeline.
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    These regional carriers will nibble away at the unionized package industry (USPS, UPS) until we're all under the FedEx Ground model. The only way to fight back is to organize them. Finally looks like we've won one.
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    Another crap carrier that's being propped up by Amazon.

    Amazon is such a blessing and a curse. Great having all that volume but their demand for cheap shipping and willingness to "invest" in crap regionals could definitely accelerate the growth of fedex clones. Without solid legislation the long term might not be so great for us in brown. Think I might use my hard earned wages to start working on a degree just in case.
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