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    I drove by the site of this accident a few weeks ago...very sobering. Nothing but a patch of scorched pavement and a makeshift memorial. Just a few scrubby-looking bushes in the median, so it's easy to see why the FedEx rig crossed over with no resistance. The preliminary NTSB report is just a summary of the accident, so no cause yet.

    I was going to stop and pay my respects, but it's not really a safe place to pull over. It really affected me passing by this spot. I hope someone places a marker or something there. It won't help those affected by the accident, but it would mean something to some of us.
  2. Goldilocks

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    So sad, I hope the families are being taken care of, but I doubt it.
  3. Mr. 7

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    With all due respect to the deceased,
    I'm sure FedEx will be "taking care of the families".
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    I'm sure FedEx will be "taking care of the families".

    Yeh by spending the LEAST amount of money possible and stretching out the legal process for as long as possible to wear down the families. Remember most of the victims came from poor families.

    Nope, FedEx will do the least it can with an eye on the legal and bad publicity angles.