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    Does anyone know if our insurance as drivers cover these? I went in to try some on today, and they seemed pretty nice. I did not purchase any because I wanted to see if they are covered by our insurance. If anyone uses them, did you experience any pain relief? I have a sore knee bug me every once in a while, along with an ankle. The salesman made a good pitch in that it would help me out, but the price tag was a little steep.
  2. soberups

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    My foot doctor makes orthotics for me and my insurance (Blue Cross/Blue Shield) pays 100%. You would need to ask your benefits coordinator if your particular policy covers them.
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    Like sober said make sure your insurance covers it and then go to an orthopedic doctor because I doubt that the insurance will pay for othodics bought from one of the store fronts.
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    A customer of mine gave a pair to me for free and they are fantastic! No more leg pain, back pain, and I have more energy all day long.
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    Remember your Health Bonus account. Not sure if everyone has it, but here we can turn in $200 of receipts/year for OTC health related items.

    Love that Cadillac insurance! It's a shame Obama will take it away from us.
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    Was that shoes or meth?
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    I have been wearing them for about four years, I couldn't work without them. I have fallen arches and I buy the inserts from a retail store. A decent pair that is guaranteed for six months (but last nearly two years) costs about sixty dollars. An even better pair that are guaranteed for two years costs two hundred bucks. I didn't go to an ortho doctor, I will try that if our insurance will cover it.

    There is a chain store called Foot Solutions that have you stand on a special mat that measures where all the pressure is on your feet. The people that own the store aren't doctors, so they don't file insurance. I bought an expensive pair of shoes from them, but they didn't last very long. I just put them in a pair of Rockports. They make all the difference in the world, my feet don't hurt and my back feels better.
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    I also had been suffering from fallen arches due to the pounding your feet take after years on package. I'm no longer on package but orthos worked for me also. If you have a good quality ( no chain) shoe store in your area,they will carry them. Look at spending around $50.00. They would last me about 8-9 months. Then what I did was take the old ones out and put them in the shoes that I would wear most of the time at home. It takes them about a week to work if you have lots of pain. they're a blessing. Good luck. Don't forget to take the original inserts out of the shoes that they will be going into.