Osama Ramble: Insane Taxes, Global Warming And Mortgages!


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This is meant purely as a joke

This is a headline over at Drudge and when I read it my immediate thought was, "oh my God Osama is gonna run for President too!"


Might as well because then we can elect him and then when he shows to take office we can arrest him and finally for once we can impeach someone and get this desire to do so out of our system. At least we'd have someone in there we'd all agree needs to be impeached!

Again, don't get your thong in a wad, this was all tongue and cheek!


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The thread was to be more for a laugh than any serious discussion of this recent video and it was hoped some of you would chime up from the funny bone rather than the serious bone.

That said, you are right that the pics of the recent Osama to the earlier Osama are quite different. For one, looks like Osama has TV and followed Walt Frazier and darn I forget the baseball player's name but anyway follow their advice to use the beard coloring product to "get the babes!"

Latest reports say another video with Osama will appear tomorrow on the 6 year anniversary of 9/11.

BTW: I've been reading up on what is known as the Muslim Brotherhood founded in Egypt in 1928' and following through it's history and expulsion from Egypt in the 1950's. Very and I mean very interesting organization to learn and study about. Want to know the roots of Hamas and even why Egyptian Yassar Arafat became known as Palestinian? Want to know what influenced what we know as Wahhabbism?

I know, I know, you'd rather listen to Bobby Darren cd's right? OK, forget I even said anything and I won't bring it up again!

You ain't seen nothing yet!