OSHA cites UPS for 'excessive heat' exposure after NBC investigation


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OSHA cites UPS for 'excessive heat' exposure after NBC investigation - NBC News

It is the first time the agency has fined UPS for heat exposure in years, despite the company reporting more than 100 heat-related hospitalizations since 2015.

UPS, the world’s largest delivery company, is being cited by federal regulators for exposing its drivers to “excessive heat” for the first time in years, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced Tuesday.

UPS faces $13,260 in penalties, "the maximum penalty allowed by law for a serious violation,” according to an OSHA press release. The federal agency has the authority to issue citations for violation of workplace safety standards.

In July, an NBC News investigation revealed that more than 100 UPS employees were hospitalized for serious heat-related injuries between 2015 and 2018, more than any other company in the country except the U.S. Postal Service. UPS, which has almost 400,000 employees — 74,000 of them delivery drivers — does not air condition most of its warehouses or its brown delivery trucks, whose cargo areas can reach 150 degrees, drivers said.


The truth never changes.
I bet that really got the Boards attention!
That is only for one isolated incident.
The next fine can be up to 30 times the first one and it multiplies from there citing "willful" violations.

The question is: outside of new cotton uniforms what will the company actually do to abate the problem beside blaming the employee for not blah blah blah.

After the NBC story came out the center manager sent out messages to the drivers that they could take a couple of extra breaks that day if they needed to.

Stark reality was evident that night when the oms told us that the center manager told her that she was to message him with the names of the drivers that ran an hour overallowed that day.

Money is more important than mortality to some people. Until they come face to face with it.
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