OT: Dumb Laws




I know from time to time there is some limited political talk here but if you want a good laugh and a shock that you are in fact a law breaker check this site out. Depending on where you live, you better not cuss in the presense of a dead body cause you could go to jail! Oh and never carry an ice cream cone in your back pocket on Sunday! And which city requires all citizens to own a rake? And if you live in Roswell Ga. and happen to visit an adult bookstore and spill a coke on the floor, don't worry. The law requires all floors in adult bookstores to be of a non absorbant material and smooth textured. That's pretty smart of our brillant political leaders to be farsighted thinkers and watch out for those folks who are prone to spill things on the floor!



Investing in our government(i.e. taxes)is one of the best things we can do...Look at the great rewards.