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    i recently had used a website and had them use a different service than ups but was wondering why. anyone know
    of a reason why a company would use 2 different services? i know they still use ups since i see the boxes at work but last
    2 orders i got were from something called ontrac. i actually had driver ask me with an attitude "are you the one who called"
    he told me someone called about their package and he was upset because he didnt want to deliver after 5pm. also dont
    like the way my boxes arrive they seemed more "messed up" than im used to.
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    Big shippers -- such as Amazon -- will use whichever shipper gives them the lowest price in a certain market. Amazon is big enough that they can use whoever they want whenever they want; the smaller shippers get more of a discount depending on how much of their volume is dedicated to UPS.

    If it's a larger item, they'll probably use a regional LTL freight shipper.