Over ‘volatile 10 years’ on public market, UPS thrived

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    Over ‘volatile 10 years’ on public market, UPS thrived - Atlanta Journal Constitution

    UPS’ executive team and board of directors rang the morning bell at the New York Stock Exchange Friday, paying homage to 10 years of UPS stock on the public market.

    Chief Executive Scott Davis said it’s been a “volatile 10 years” since the company went public in what at the time was the biggest domestic initial public offering.

    But he said having publicly traded stock hasn’t changed the 102-year-old company’s determination to manage for the long term, despite outside shareholders and Wall Street analysts eyeing each quarter’s results.
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    OK ... who believes that?
  3. klein

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    I agree Hoaxster,

    because on the other News Report, he closes down the supply chain, and lays off 13 workers !

    This report:

    Scott Davis said growth will come from domestic volumes increasing, larger profits in the international package division, and the supply chain and freight divisions gaining steam.

    All lies !
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    The day we lost our soul:greedy::dissapointed::sad-very:
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    The day we lost our soul

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    If I bought a share for $50 the day it went public, it'd be worth $55 and I'd have gotten $13 in dividends.

    $18 on a $50 investment over 10 years.
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    Look on the bright side, you could have bought Enron.
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    He's not lieing through his teeth, he's lieing so badly its as if his teeth were non-existent.

    the $50 vs $56... for those who took us public they dont care. They got $50/share, saw it go up near $70, retired and SOLD IT AND DIVERSIFIED with the profits. They are now in the Caribbean or some other paradise like spot.
  9. klein

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    Yup, just 10 years ago, 90% of shares were owned by UPS management.
    (only 10% were for the public).

    Now 70% public shares out there.
    Equals : 60% UPS management (directors, ceo, etc), have jumped ship !

    But, telling the public, it's a great buy ! :greedy:
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    36% over 10 years...But why would you hold a stock for a decade?