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    I am a road driver from Overnite/Dallas I am hoping to get some insight into the changes that UPS has in store for us and when we may look forward to these coming, We are proud to be part of the family, but are having a hard time waiting for the changes that are sure to be positive(for us any way):biggrin:
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    I've heard nothing from our end but that's just me. Others may have. I've asked about and if Overnite and UPS would ever be merged into one operation and so far no one really knows longterm. Everyone seems to think at some point it makes good sense but how and when? Nobody has any answers to that question. To many variables too.

    I was told for the time being that both would remain seperate for a variety of reasons and none were the conspiratorial type some would love to suggest. Among hourlies at UPS that type of thing tends to be more sport than anything else. :biggrin: The main reasons for remaining seperate were the inability to handle large freight items in the UPS facilities and from what I was told you guys can move certain types of HazMat products that we can't and maybe visa versa so from that standpoint nobody wants to do anything that would or could cut into volume already held and moving.

    You guys may fly under a different color but you're still part of the family. Welcome aboard!
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    I am sure much will be talked about during UPS and Teamsters contract talks in 2008. Then there will be changes to come.
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    I've noticed a few UPS trailers on the UPS Freight yard this last month and Friday the 8th of December I was leaving the yard and notice "Big Brown" in that nice, clean, shine truck cruising the yard with a dolly in-tow!
    I assume he was there picking up the empties?

    I wish they(UPS) would keep our trucks clean.

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    UPS and UPSF will never be megered into one operation. The two operation are too different to become just one.
    Package and Freight are Apples and Oranges, granted we both move things but we move ithem in different volumes, different methods, different pricing, different service levels and different ways.

    UPS diversifies itself with the many companies it runs, wether it UPS Airlines, UPS Cartage, UPS Logistics, UPS (parcel) UPS Store, UPS Freight, UPS SupplyChain...etc.

    Merging Freight and Parcel will have major impact on the workforce and service will suffer greatly. How many packages can you stuff in a P1000? How about how many packages in a 48 foot trailer?
    Don't say it won't happen becuase it will.
    Remember those early FedEX Express package cars with the big back doors to load in pallets on the tail? It didn't work, hence FedEx Freight.
    How many small packages will suffer service if lost on a big 48 foot trailer or misdilvered on a pallet deilvery.
    How many bring backs becasue the truck was too big for the street or parking lot?
    How many package jobs lost becuase you can put more on a trailer?
    How many service failures before you lose a customer?
    How many missed pickups because of a trimmed workforce, truck too big, not enough time to make by closing.

    I'm happy for those at Overnite that can probally feel a little more secure with thier future in an otherwise unsecure freight indusrty. UPS purchasing Overnite solidifies thier future and at the same time give UPS more diversity in this growing competive industry.

    UPS will fine tune Overnite as Fedex has with the companies formerly know as American Freightways and Viking. AKA FedEx Freight.

    They continue to operte indepently as a sepersate company and are very good at what they do. Overnite/UPSF can do they same and become just as good if not better under the guidance of Big Brown.

    UPSF will be left as it is and produce fine for Father Brown just the way it is.

    Take it from experience, I've been in both worlds, package and freight are two different animals. They need seperate pens or they may kill each other if left together.

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    Perhaps we should worry a little less about whether our trucks are clean and worry MUCH MORE about the intermingling of a union and a non-union company, specifically, whether the non-union company is pulling the union company's loads or empties.
    For those of you on the "Good Ship Lollipop" that don't think this will happen, yes, it will and probably has. If the company thinks they can slip some loads out of the union yard by non-union carrier, they will. I've seen it.
    That said, any drivers in a union yard need to be hypervigilante to this and write down the trailer numbers, tractor number, date and time and get this info to your steward/BA as soon as possible.
    For those who say, "this doesn't affect me", yes, it does. If the company can keep from creating more feeder jobs by using our non-union "partner" then there are less pkg drivers who can go to feeders and less PT'ers that can go to pkg cars. There is a ripple effect.
    You think the company cares? Think again.
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    Well, I will tell you now that I will flat refuse to do anything to undermine or take away work from a Union employee. I've refused to cross 2 picket lines and will do the same in the future. I would hope that my fellow employee's would do the same. Now, If their sneeking it out and onto our docks and trucks I will unknowingly do this. This is a management issue and if this indeed does happen I hope no action will be taken upon the employee from another. Just as I will risk loosing my job protecting other workers rights, I will do the same to put another in his place if wrongful action is taken against me or another employee. That's a Fact.
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    I work for UPS Freight and during the holiday season, I see a lot of independent drivers hauling UPS Package trailers. Just out of curiousity, what would be wrong with our driver hauling this freight, providing we are not taking freight from the UPS drivers?
  9. There has been a lot of talk of changes, but right now the actual implementation of these new rules is still foggy. As time goes on and a few employees are held accountable for there actions then the climate will change. I have seen that doing things on the fly is very difficult. The managers are not even sure of the new policies? The rules are right now in flux, and with the Indy contract pending, I doubt that anything will be concrete until the union issue is resolved. I have told all my fellow employees to sharpen up there game, because UPS is a strick company. Get into good habits now!
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    Hi I'm new to this forum.I have worked for overnite for 11 years and am looking forward to working within the UPS community. I know there are alot of questions about where we stand in this company as a whole.I am verey interested what you people think.Thanks for being here.
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    Welcome deny i see your out of the chicago area. You are now part of big brown we are all together in this, the only thing your missing right now is the union representation. If your in the chicago market im sure your dealing with all the harrasment like your fellow ex overniters from management. If you have any questions feel free thats why we come here. Good luck working for brown.