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    if I double shift during the day and come in at night for my regular shift, if my supervisor tries to send me home after 3 hours can they do that even though there are 5-6 people with lower seniority under me? I know they are allowed to regulate overtime but I don't think that is right that lower seniority people get more time in there regular shift then I do.
  2. PT Car Washer

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    You are guaranteed your 3 1/2 hour on your normal sort. Double shifting is extra work and has no guaranteed hours. But that to has been argued that you still get your 3 1/2 hours. I would demand your 3 1/2 hours on your sort.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    If you voluntarily double shift they will cut you off at 8 hours.
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    This time of year my building will work you all the hours it takes to get the job done. I've work lots of 10 hour doubles. Sometimes even when I did not want to. Some guys will even work triple sorts.
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    My helper is a preloader. He works his 6 hours on the inside then is on car with me for 6 more. He can't wait to see his paycheck next week.
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    Im in louisville (we only get a 3 hr guarantee)and having the same problem. I sign up for double shift during the day and get 3hrs and then I go to my normal shift at night and they send me home after 3 hrs. I have the highest seniority in my area but my sup says he can send me home bc no one under me will get 6hrs but they have been getting 5hrs. So i get no sleep and bust ass to get an hr more than i normally could. That hr of OT is basically going to gas money driving there twice a day. However if I worked during the day and double shifted at night they wouldnt be able to send me home early during my shift bc i wouldnt have more hrs than lower seniority ppl yet and still get the 3 hr guarantee at night (or could they send me home 3hrs early saying I will get at least that at night) WTF?!! Been calling union hall and leaving messages but of course no answer or reply. What is the point of double shifting if i get sent home early during my own shift?
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    At least in my area if you're double shifting you don't get OT after 5, but after 8. If that's the case for you as well you might be able to argue that after 3 on your shift you still have 2 hours to go until you hit OT just like the other people from your shift and because of seniority you want to stay.
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    Called union hall 3 times this morning and finally got a response. No they can not send you home bc you double shifted. When you are double shifting on another shift they can send you home after 3 hrs but on your shift it must go by seniority as always. He said otherwise your getting punished for helping them out. You can filed a grievance for the time that lower seniority ppl got that you were denied(unless they have a specific job that requires more time such as walk off/run out set up or you have a stagger start that you have requested or agreed to) Double shifting is the extra work/hrs, not your regularly scheduled sort. I will be filing a grievance for the 2hrs of OT that I was cheated out of and hopefully this will stop bc I plan on double shifting all thru peak.
    Reminder though I am in Louisville and we have our own supplemental agreement for our hub only so this may not apply everywhere ( like our 3hr guarantee when everywhere else PTers get 3.5hrs and we get OT after 5hrs no matter what)
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    Extra work should always be offered by seniority if all involved employees are qualified. If less senior guys are getting to stay and get more hours that you want, you need to grieve and request the hours they worked as your remedy. UPS is not allowed to "regulate" overtime in the way you described (picking and choosing who gets OT, running off people when they hit 5 hours and start getting time and a half when there's still work, etc.) -- that's a myth. The only rights the company has is to forbid you from working a triple shift, which seems to have gone out the window in my hub this year.