P/T preloader. When do I get a raise?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by daveatups, Nov 24, 2003.

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    I start mid-December 2002. I'm hearing conflicting reports. I would think after a year. One person tells me I have to be there a year, then I'll get a raise on each anniversary of the last contract signing (or something to that effect).

    Also, how much will the raise be? One person says $.50 because I started after the last contract signing. Another says $1.00.

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    You will recieve your first raise on your anniversary date and then every year afterwards on your anniversary date until you pass the next contract ending cycle on 7/31/2008. At that point all your raises going forward will take place on the contract anniversary of 8/1 like all the other old timers. Your raise should be a $1 per hour.

    Just a heads up because there has been a lot of confusion in the Southern Conference regarding option days. All folks hired after 8/1/02 must wait 3 years before earning any option days. In your case if you are in the Southern Conference jurisdiction you won't be eligible for options until 2005'.
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    According to Article 22, Section 5(b), in the National Master Agreement, your preload start pay is $9.50 and after 90 days, it rises to $10.00 per hour. Then another raise is granted after seniority plus one year, which is another 50 cents to $10.50 per hour. Did this raise kick in for you on August 1, 2003, which was the last contract anniversary date? If you are not currently making $10.50 per hour, I would find out why.
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    When all else fails, you can refer to the contract. Check this site


    The master contract is there
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    You should be at top pay now!!:thumbup1:
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    Raw i think you ned to find a woman, your digging up 3 and 4 year old posts. Why?
  7. especially about how little preloaders are paid...come on let it go, we know we make peanuts :lol:
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    ask for a copy of the contract from your union. i find that i only get accurate information from UPS whenever it's in writing and not from the UPSers website.

    i always tell employees to never ask the pt sup for information because she's always wrong. in any environment where an employee tells new employees to never ask the sup for information, the communications strategy needs to be seriously looked at.