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    Well, I am officially at UPS for 1 year as of yesterday. Really confused on what to do to become a Driver. I know I have to be a TCD first, but at the point I was asked if I wanted to become one, I was worried about my F/T position....Did I screw myself over? I figured I could wait til a F/T positon opened, but found out last night I would lose some $$$ by doing so. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Use the search function, you will find your question has been answered many times over.
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    Do you have two jobs now? One with UPS and another FT job? I am not aware of a policy saying that you have to be a cover driver before you go full time driving. It would be to your advantage to do some kind of driving before you go FT, but it is not mandatory. I do hope you signed up on the yearly list of people who want to go driving. How long is the wait to go driving in your building?
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    I've been signing every bid sheet available. All the guys do. There are currently 10 TCD's and a few guys in front of me on seniority that haven't even gone to driving class yet....I've got 10 under me in seniority, although I often feel like low-man (lol)
    YES, I have 2 jobs. UPS and a local newspaper during the day. UPS was only for extra $$$ for bills, but is now becoming the front runner for future salary and such.
    I was told that if I wait until a f/t spot opens, starting at f/t without TCD, you start at $14-$15 hr. for 2 yrs., whereas if I TCD, I would go full-time at $23-$24/hr.
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    BTW, Mike...Not my first time on a forum....searched with WAY too many responses, some of which don't answer my ???'s.
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    Ive never heard of the raise in start pay if you have Cover Drove before. If thats the case Id like to find out, although I dont believe it to be true