Packages are taking 20% longer to deliver than last year

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    Packages are taking 20% longer to deliver than last year - Marketwatch

    More free shipping, more packages per order this holiday season

    Attention online shoppers: Don’t wait until the last minute to do your holiday shopping this year.

    It took an average of nearly seven days, or 20% longer than last year, for orders placed Cyber Monday to arrive, according to a study by retail consultancy Kurt Salmon. And more packages are being shipped — an estimated 2.6 per order.
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    grease up fellas----the big boom is still coming.
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    Retailers offering free shipping are tending to choose slower and cheaper methods of shipping, contributing to the longer shipping times, said Steve Osburn, who advises retailers on supply chain issues for Kurt Salmon.

    Of course that wouldn't be a good clickbait headline.

    Plus it didn't even address the time it took retailers to ship packages which is beyond the control of carriers. I have noticed Amazon takes a lot longer to get orders processed than they used to.
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    Well we were caught up here. Now a big snow storm comes in tonight through Wednesday morning. Guess the grinch just stole Christmas!
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    I just delivered an Amazon shipped pkg today that the tracking info showed wasn't going to be in our center until Wednesday.

    I think we're doing very well... here anyway.

    Screw their negative propaganda. The media is rarely happy.
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    Yep. Maybe the 20% longer is an increase in surepost.
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    I delivered a package from Oregon today. It was sent out on The 14th.
  8. 10 point

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    Misloaded for 6 days in a row or lib?
  9. 10 point

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    It's probably my walk pace they're talking about.
  10. Gumby

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    I just happened to notice the date on the package.
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    Ground? That would be five business days.
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    Seemed a bit slow,for all of the work they have been advancing

    UPS is paying out some serious coim on preload.
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    Maybe you need to pick up the pace then pal.
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  14. 10 point

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    The 20% doesn't even show if it's the back ordered volume from depleted supplies that just got shipped out to the customer thus part of the "freak out" situation.

    Part of our bad press in the past was that the shipper didn't stock or arrange stock availability in time for the peak blitz.

    It's always "kill the messenger". To bad DHL (Day & a Half Late) isn't around to take their medicine with us and the F company.
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    I'm not afraid to go out and deliver. Are you?
  16. Gumby

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    I've seen a few of them out and about
  17. 10 point

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    Still? With pkgs from 2010 Christmas?
    They are no doubt lost.
  18. 10 point

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    In Chicago?
  19. 10 point

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    There's an immediate opening in Honolulu.
  20. Gumby

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