Packages Without Labels



i just recently shipped a package using UPS and it 'somehow' got lost. my cousin, that i was shipping it to, said that he never received it. when i called and asked about it, they guy said that the label may have fell off. i know that i wrote my cousin's address on the box, but i didn't write it in big letters.

my question is, if the label did fall off, will they use the address i wrote down or will i have to somehow prove that it's my package?


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When the UPS Label comes off the package, we aren't able to track it and it becomes an "Overgood". Hopefully the clerk will notice the handwritten addresses on it and send it on its way to where it is going. Its always a good idea to put some addresses on the inside of the package too if this problem happens. Sometimes the tracking label will come completely off or marked up where it is unreadable. These boxes go through several sorting operations and go down miles of conveyor belts and slides on their way to where they are going. As a company, UPS should be trying our best to get your package where it is going, we want you happy as a customer and we don't want to pay a claim on it.